WHEN DID YOU START MOUNTAIN BIKING?  He's just a little 11yr old, and I must look like an old oak tree.  

When I was about your age.

He looks up at me, That must have been a long time ago.

Or, a dinosaur... I think to myself.

It was a long time ago.  About your age, I started riding with my friends.  Just like you kids tonight.  We rode to school and back every day.  (I skip the shenanigans like kicking out into the trash cans on trash days.) . And on Saturdays we rode all day long, up early and home late.

Did you bring snacks and water?

We didn't, we just left with no plan other than to ride all day.  But, I could see his concern should he attempt such a feat.

Yes, we brought snacks and a coupla dollars in case there was a store nearby.

Small talk from a small human just venturing out on his very first mountain bike ride.  He was somewhat timid.  But every single minute he rode he gained confidence.  Soon he'd mastered a nice section of single track.

We should do this again next week.

Yes, we should.  You did great! 

On my way home, I realized how nice it is to teach someone young about riding.  I reminisced about teaching my own kids, seeing their confidence grow.  Memories of my dad coming to watch me race my BMX bike.

Big kids.
Bigger Bikes.
Old kids staying young,
Young kids learning something new.


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