AFTER THE RACE TUESDAY EVE, I commented to Bob that I think having a remarkable night of sleep was the magic trick I needed.  He whipped out his phone...

... it turns out I've been lying to ya, for years.

Not on purpose, pure ignorance mixed with a little hope that I was doing it right.  This convo cleared that up.

I've been measuring my sleep on my watch.

I got one of those.

With this app, AutoSleep.

I'll get it.

Well, I got it.

Measured the last two nights.  It's ugly.  Truly.

Currently I have 27% of Sleep Debt.  That's because I slept terrible Tuesday, 5:10.  And, rotten Wednesday, 6:25.  

In my head, I was guessing I wound up in bed at 1130 and got up at 6.  But, the app is counting sleeping not lying.

That's the bad news.

The good news is we all know what gets measured gets managed.

That's why we upload to Starva, why I weigh myself daily, report in how much reading and writing and recovery.  

Tracking our stats ultimately leads us to tracking down and stomping our competition, PRs, etc...

... if you're into that.

I am.

There are lots of ways to track sleep.  I'm using Apple Watch and app, there's Oura ring, Whoop.  


The app treats sleep like a bank account.  I like that.

Do you like this?

It's the perfect size whether you're out for an all day ride, or just want something sleek and light to slip into your pocket.

There are 2 slots for cards and cash, one shows the top of cards, the other is deeper.

Made in USA, from inner tube rubber.

Did I mention it's the perfect size?

Or, that we can make 'em with your team logo?  

Such a great gift!



6.25 hrs 
0 Pull Ups + 20 Power PushUps +10 Heavy Squats 
25 minutes recovery
90 minutes reading + Journaling