I HAD A GUY GET SO UPSET ABOUT MY LAST POST ON EBIKES HE QUIT READING THE BEST BLOG ON THE PLANET, AND HARSHLY TOLD ME OFF!  I wonder how many more readers I'll lose with this one?  No one that matters.  Because quite frankly...

... I think e-bikes are for ______.

Before I spill the sport-beans, let me just say this morning was a total hoot.  Shane, one our kids, borrowed a true e-bike (more on that below) for me. 

We jammed an early morning scoot through his local mountains.  Fire roads mainly, and a few hidden race tracks with berms and jumps.

The muscle memory was hilarious. 

For years our family rode g-bikes (gas!) in the desert every weekend, each winter.  The first hill we went down my right leg is stabbing down wildly and I can't figure it out.

It's looking for the rear brake pedal!

Ha, none of that on a real e-bike.  Just pegs.  The brakes are on the bars like an h-bike...

... excepted swapped, like a g-bike.

These e-bikes are pretty small, lightish (150 lbs lighter than a g-bike), with a healthy amount of travel and rake.  Really whippable, once you get the feel of the thing...

... they have a bright future, for sure.

So, here are my thoughts.

H-bikes are human powered, have pedals, and will keep in you fantastic shape.

G-bikes are gas powered bikes with pegs.

E-bikes are electric powered bikes with pegs.

M-bikes are motorized bicycles, have pedals, and will allow those with health conditions to enjoy cycling.  They help a lot of people get in betterthannothing shape by simply getting outside and moving around.  They are great transportation, too.

Which one should you get?... 

... the one that will deliver the results you want.

One last thought, please keep the e-bikes, m-bikes, and g-bikes off the sweet and fragile h-bike trails.

Side note, during the moto/kid raising years I kept riding h-bikes.  Not as much as now, but I always rode.  Always.  And, most years I had one epic event during the summer to keep me focused throughout the year.


Looking back, I think riding g-bikes got me used to full-finger gloves.  The grip and control is so much better...

... which is why I developed the superlight race gloves for h-bikes.  

They're like a second skin, a lithe layer.

If you order with the extra-amazing socks, the socks are free.  No promo code needed.



165ish? no scale
8 hrs Sleep 
0 PullUps 50 PushUps 
No stretch today
10 minutes reading + journaling