AS I CONTEMPLATE A NEW BIKE, I realize it's not as easy as it looks.  Whichever bike I choose will, to a certain extent, determine the kind or riding and racing I'll do.

It's weird the way our tools shape us vs us shaping our tools. 

The bike we ride defines how we ride. 

Can an aero bike climb? 

Of course, you know you'll be thinking, dreaming and scheming about flat and rolling courses vs giant climbs... and you - me for sure - just might skip the next big climbing day when it's offered if all you have is an aero bike.

Same with MTB... XC or trail?

Get an XC bike and you'll be thinking about the power to conquer the climbs and be nimble on the descents... get a trail bike and you'll be looking for nearest lift, and bulldozing all obstacles.

Choose your tools carefully.

For example... if you go with the Classic RaceDay Bag™, you'll have just the right tool for 1 day races of the road/cx/xc kind.... go with the pro, and you'll be set for stage races or multiday trips.

The good news is if you win the Ultimate RaceDay Bag™ Giveaway, you can have the tool of your choice.

All ya gotta do is enter here: pedalindustries.com/giveaway

And if you share your special link or purchase more product your odds of winning go up a lot...

... winning a custom bag, custom kit, helmet, shoes + $500 cash for your next race...

... you know you want that, I know I do: 



165.4 lbs 
Stretch n Roll
7.5 hours sleep

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