THE LAST 10 DAYS HAVE BEEN A LITTLE ROUGH.  My dad’s hospitalization being the roughest part, and things being a little too quite at the shop.  Heading towards Thanksgiving Week I was having a bit of a pitty party… wo is T.

Today it all turned around.

It started with a video from my sister of my dad playing catch with my brother!  Granted, he’s in a wheelchair, and only a few feet apart… but there he was, being dad.

At the shop – and I don’t know why I feel like calling the office the shop today… I guess because we are always making stuff – the email started ringing.  It was kinda like my world stopped mourning and was ready to get back to work… and that made two of us.

Then we got notice that we’d secured a primo spot at Sea Otter, next to our Red Monkey friends.

I hit the road at this point… stopped by our bag factory and made a few final adjustments for the prototypes that I’m really happy with.

My friend/customer Espen, who’s turned into a great source of referrals, met up with me to try on some new gear… he showed me an app he’s working on that gamifies fitness in a new and exciting way that I think will be so helpful to increasing heathy lifestyles across the US, and beyond.

The final stop was with Chad and Geno at Baghouse.  There’s never a dull moment with these guys… and I always love to feel their unfiltered energy.  I love it.

On the way home, the phone rang.  My oldest, Trevor, was on his way to our place with his bike.

For a ride.

With me.

I’m really grateful for days like these because they give me confidence and remind me how blessed I have been and continue to be.

Dad playing catch with Matt and our niece Ryan looking on.