I THOUGHT I WAS SO SMART... I'd meticulously prepped for this morning's ride.  Bottles made and in the fridge.  Clothes laid out.  Glasses cleaned.  Chain freshened and waxed.  Pump by bike.  Lights mounted.  Computer snapped in.  Derailleur batteries charged.

What could go wrong?

5am alarm was set, and I snapped right up with pleeeeenty of time to thoughtfully get ready.  Meandered about the house drinking, dressing, curling my hair and putting on my make up.  

Right on cue, I grabbed my bike and rolled easy.  I had 12 minutes to get to the start, and I planned to use all of them.  You know get a nice warm up, enjoy the quiet and emerging light of day.

It was so peaceful when to my horror I looked down...

... no water bottles!!!!...

... shiz, shiz, shiz... there's no way I could make 62 miles, 5000' of climbing with the ferocious beasts I call my friends sans the good stuff.

3 minutes from home.

Whipped the bike around.  Raced back home.  Clickityclacked into and out of the house... and set a PR heading to the start.  Chased the fellas hard for the first 20 minutes.

I was warmed up, oh was I warmed up!

During those first 3 minutes I realized the days are getting shorter.  It was actually dark when I left.  No prob, because I was lit up with my snazzy front and rear blinkies.  Fact is, if wasn't so smugly admiring my genius at being ready and prepared with charged lights I might have realized I was missing the bottles.

If you're days are getting shorter and you're need of some lights - I run 'em daytime, front and rear - check these out.



The thing I like about these is they provide 330 degrees of light... others can see me at almost any angle.

Pretty cool.

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163 lbs 
Stretch n Roll
7 hours sleep