AS WE GO OUT AND VISIT LOCAL BIKE SHOPS TO TALK ABOUT HUNKR, the reception is much different than last year.  Last year, HUNKR was a brand new concept and took some 'splaining.  This year, it's a totally different conversation.

Hey, yeah... I've been hearing about the race already.  A few riders are already signed up.  This, I heard way down in San Diego at a super cool shop ->  Revolution Bike ShopThat's awesome, who is it?  The Sisterhood of Cycling.

How sweet is that?  80 miles away, a team of ladies are signed up and spreading the word at their local shop.

The conversations ranged from enthusiasm that a SoCal road race series is on the calendar to confirming the shop would be there with their canopy ready to support their riders and customers.

IT'S THE SAME WITH SPONSORS.  The sponsors this year get it, too.  The ability to reach a new section of they cycling community in terms of the athletes along with multiple venues is a big draw.  Many of the sponsors came out and checked out HUNKR last year as participants.

THE TEAMS GET IT TOO.  This year the local cycling teams see the value in this kind of event and the opportunity to involve their riders in a challenge that focuses more on teamwork and personal best.  It's a unique approach that giving all a reason to train together and work together to have their best days ever going 100k.  Plus, a lot of the teams are reaching out to the Under 23 crowd and getting them registered for free.

It ain't easy pulling all this together, but it's worth it because we know how impactful an event done right can be.  Having this momentum really helps us able to continue to add value to HUNKR.