RIDE LONG ENOUGH AND YOU'RE GONNA GET A FEW SCRAPES ALONG THE WAY.  A little skin lost here, a good gash there.  Hopefully, it's very rare.  I've had a few and one offshoot is I'm an expert in healing abrasions...

... and I put that experience to good use this morning, and I reckon you'd do the same.

My mom, who is visiting for a bit, stubbed her big toe on a sharp edge and peeled the skin right off the bottom it.  Blood all over the place.

I knew just what to do... the same thing I'd do if I left a little skin behind.

Soak it.

Flush it with Betadine.

Pour on some Hydrogen Peroxide.

Add a good layer of Neosporin.

Wrap with a proper bandaid.

I'll do this daily until it heals from the inside out.

It was kinda nice to put all my self-taught medical skills to work, paying back to the woman who patched me up plenty of times...

... in fact, this doesn't come close to the doctoring she's done on me.

You're probably wondering how am I going to turn this tale into a sale?

Well, due to the simple fact she's a certified lover of the red, white and blue it's pretty easy.

She loves this kit, too.


Plus she's always been the most irritatingly organized person I know.  So, in honor of her bravery this morning and her red, white and blueness and organizedness...

... when you order this kit and use this promo code: PATRIOT

You'll get a Classic Patriotic RaceDay™ Bag.

But, you've got to use the code by midnight 9/28/2020.


Every dollar spent gets you an entry into -> Ultimate RaceDay Bag™ Giveaway


162 lbs
Stretch N Roll
8 hours sleep 
no ride

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