IN 28 SECONDS MATT'S CHAIN WOULD SKIP SENDING HIS REAR WHEEL 6" INTO THE AIR.  We were in the final wind up for the Market Ride sprint.  We'd come roaring down the train overpass on to the very long, very straight finish.

There's always a prevailing wind coming off the ocean to the left.  The sprint train lines up on the white line and the winner often gambles with life itself blasting up the fence line to the right.  It can get ugly real fast.

The charge was on and Matt and I were winding it up from about 10 guys back.  Up front, legs were seizing.  They were going 20mph, we were closing in on 35+.  Matt was behind green guy, I was behind Matt.  A perfect spot.  One of us should get the V.

Big Reyes blows and I have to go around his left and end up windy side of Matt.  I know he likes to swing left, so I'm planning to launch right and accelerate in his and green guys' wake on the leeward side.

---> I hate talk about crashes.  Hate watching the videos.  Hate any talk of danger.  What you think about you bring about.  Two nights ago on this same ride Jim and his chain skip.  He lost control of his bike.  Went down on his face.  Mike ran him over and crashed too.  The picture above shows the goriness.  It was the talk when we started out. <---

So there I am.
Unleashing my once-mighty fury.
His chain skips.
His wheel jumps up 6" and sideways.
I shut it down.
He stays upright.
I roll across the line,
ahead of him and smile...
just like I saw it in my mind.

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