TODD BROWN patriotic

I WAS SUPPOSED TO TAKE IT EASY SATURDAY.  And I did, on the bike.  But, it was Family Weekend and the team wanted to do the old hike.

I was never winded.

Barely broke a sweat.

5 miles later my legs were wrecked.  They were still wrecked today when I went for an easy lunch spin.


1.  Off the bike I don't wear shoes, ever.  I'm a flipflop kinda guy.  Sand got in my shoes and ground the balls of my feet raw.

2.  I walk a lot on the sandy beach.  That is not the same as over rocky, uneven terrain.  I've got shin splints.

3.  I didn't to any recovery stretching or rolling because it wasn't a strenuous.  Rookie move... ain't I too old for that?

Life Lessons:

1.  Shoulda just hiked in my Rainbows, but it also wouldn't kill me to wear shoes occasionally.

2.  Nor would it kill me to go back to hiking the many trails nearby.

3.  Always do the stretching and rolling... always.

It was worth it to spend time with these two, and think back 19 years.

166.6 (food and family, a lethal combo)
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