SOMETIMES YA JUST WANT A QUICKIE.  Like today.  Up early.  Quick change. Out the door... riding into a beautiful rising sun.

But, sometimes ya oughtta take a moment to look over yer twowheeled pleasure craft.

Which I didn't.

Nor did I notice my tires were a bit splashy <- Jason Bourne quote there.

Not until I'd climbed rather high up above town on the rutted fire road... and I didn't even notice it on the climb.  Traction was quite good, as you'd expect with low pressure.

No, it wasn't until I was downbound on a trail called Kamikaze... coming up just short on a bunny hop... that I realized I'd forgotten to air up.

Now I was air down... burped out about 20 pounds.


Texted Frank who lives nearby... nada.

Called my lovely, quarantined daughter, who quickly rescued me with a pump... but alas, it was more damaged than I could do roadside.

I never curse the gods upon the rare mishap... too many times I've come upon tragedy, thinking If this or that hadn't a happened, that coulda been me.

My loss is your gain... 


Use promo code CONTIBOGO and when you buy 2 or more tires they're 50% off.  You'll enter the promo code at check out.


(Yes, it works on all tires.)


166.2 lbs 
Coach Loran killed me
7.5 hours sleep

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