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YOU KNOW I TRY AND SHARE EVERY MISTAKE I MAKE OR ALMOST MAKE in the hopes my friends can avoid them.  But, this one is a new one... and, well, I guess I'm glad it happened.

Todd, you're not going to believe this.

When I hear this I always take stock of the teller... sometimes I think Oh, I'm going to believe this and others the opposite.

In this case, when a cat goes by the handle of "Crazy" on the Stravas... well, I'm probably going to believe it and love it.

Especially, double-especially, when it happens after the awesome and feared TMWC!... 'cause, honestly, who can get anything useful done after that social ride?!

Anyway, what you really want to avoid is this...

Someone stoke my kit.


Yeah, I always hustle into work after the ride and leave my kit to dry on the back of the car.

Hmmm... I mean that's totally normal, right?... so it's not the mistake you and I should avoid.

And someone stole it?


That's terrible! (which it actually is, good kits ain't cheap)

So Crazy comes on down to hang out at PEDALindustries HQ and pick up some new gear.  We spend a good bit rehashing the ride I missed, the upcoming weekend rides, and other riveting news only we can lose ourselves in.

Another mistake I've learned to avoid is that of shoeing people I enjoy out of my life because I've got to grind - we all need to hangout and connect more.

Crazy heads on home, saving a bundle by picking up brand new closeout gear.

Here's the mistake you don't want to make, but probably are going to make or already have made.

Found my TMWC kit. 


At home. I raced back home to get a student a belt and forgot I had dropped them off. Tuesdays my brain is just useless after 8am!

haha... SO. IS. MINE!

Remember kids, we're stupider than we think we are after a beat down/social ride... and no matter what, how things go down in our memory are almost a lock to be different than what actually happens.

Just in case it happens to you, https://pedalindustries.com/pages/close-outs


166.4 lbs (heaviest in a year, yikes!)
0 pullups/0 pushups
7 hrs sleep
0 hour ride.

Ride with us: click for info. 

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