FIRST THIS HAPPENED:  HEY, TODD BROWN!  The sun was behind him so I paddled over and he said, It's Bobby G.

Oh man!... it's been so long.

Yeah, I wouldn't have recognized you except I see you on FaceBook. Social media is so weird.  I thought you lived in Colorado because you always post bike riding?

Nope, right here.

Still surfing.

Yep, but mostly riding bikes unless it's good like today.  The bike is always good (always plugging the sport!)

We caught up on life after high school - family, kids, work.  I told him I always think of him when I surf this spot because of a terrible crash he had on his skateboard on the trail that leads to the beach.  

(I didn't tell him I think about him at least once a week when I ride my bike past that corner... that would be weird.)

Actually, what would have been really weird is if you told us way back when that we'd still be surfing and riding bikes and skiing (he's a big skier) when we were this crusty.

Next, I texted SurferDan thanking him again for the magic surfboard he made me.  He replied he was in town.  Get over here!  He stopped by, checked out our current set up met some of the crew.  

In the process, Dan said he quit riding his bike. 

If you know Dan you know that's just silly.   Then he clarified it, It's been a week and it always seems weird when I don't ride for a week... as if I gave it up.

I wrapped up the day with a very windy spin.  It was a spindy, I guess.

Sometimes weird things happen,
other times nothing happening is weird.


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