NOBODY LIKES TO WAIT AROUND.  In fact, we have a strict policy of starting our rides on time.  Don't be late, we don't wait.  It's the most respectful way to honor each individual's time and keeps the group healthy and growing.  Speaking of healthy and growing... 

... is it any wonder those twigs in France snap?

While it's nigh impossible to not look a little T-Rexish as a committed racer, there is no reason to be completely useless in any other endeavor.  In fact, I'd call it dangerous and reckful...

... because weakness is the fastest way to lose control of the bike.

Which brings me to this weighty matter.

Lift weights.

Get strong and stay strong.

There are maybe a million cyclingspecfic books on the subject, at least 10.

But, can I make a recommendation?

Start with pushups and pullups.  

If you haven't done them for a while, ever?, you're gonna be super impressed...

... with how weak you are.

For pullups, get a bar for the door jam.  They are cheap and easy to install.  For pushups, no equipment or installation required.

I promise you, regularly doing just these two exercises will dramatically improve your cycling and life and get you stoked to show your friends...

... how strong you've become, off the bike.

Bonus points now that it's summer and you want to show everybody your super pro tan lines... you know the clearly defined arm and leg tan lines.


Speaking of bonus points, these are the tires I raced on last weekend.  They are super fast in all conditions.  Plenty of traction climbing and descending.  

Their only weakness is in corners where it can break loose a little, but because there is plenty of tread once it gets leaned over.  So, far, they have always hooked up for me.

How fast?

Fast enough for me to snag 13th quickest time on the Col de Crush descent.

In fact, I'm loving all the Pirelli tires I've tested and have completed converted over.

On the road, I absolutely dig they way these tires feel.  Super supple ride.  Very fast as well.

You probably have a favorite tire you favor and trust... if you're open to a change, I can't recommend these enough.

Use promo code: PIRELLI



8 hrs 
Stretch and Hypervolt

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