IN A WORLD WHERE EVERYTHING IS WEAPONIZED, why not jump on the train with weaponized training?  How could I weaponize my training you ask. Why would I weaponize my training...

... because it's obviously awesome to have a freaking arsenal of enemy-destroying weapons when racing.

Therefore, we must weaponize our training.

To do this, you must develop and deploy your spycraft.

Does your sprint suck?  Find a sprinter.  Stalk that cat in the Stravaverse.  Look at how they structure their week.  Do it.  Find out where they do their training rides.  Ride with them.

Wish you could climb a helluvalot better?  Find the best climber in town, repeat the above.

Build your arsenal.  Racing is war.  Chasing PRs is war against yourself - the best kind.

Showing up on their training turf takes some guts.  You might be shunned, mocked or worse.  Hopefully you'll be beaten to within an inch of your life (on the bike).  These are the battles where we lose and learn...

... to win the war on race day.

Ever wonder where I come up with this stuff?

I just keep my ears and eyes open to the convos going on around me... things like wishing for better performance while avoiding the better performer's and their training tactics...

... passing along the good stuff.

Which brings up two emails I got today.  One from Mark thanking me for the post  to pre-ride the race course... he took second and his pal won; another from Robert thanking me for a gravel route I suggested...

... which makes me want to ask you this question:  Would you be interested in joining a group - on FB or Strava - for deeper conversations?  If so, please let me know where would be your preference.

Speaking of preference, it turns out that most people prefer not to see our hineys when changing in public.  

Hence, our world famous changing poncho available in 4 awesome colorways or in your team's custom colors.



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165.3 lbs
20 pull ups, 40 push ups
7.5 hrs