NO ONE IS BORN A RACER.  No one is born knowing how to ride a bike.  Training is like spokes in a wheel.  One spoke is useless.  Many spokes, properly tensioned, make a strong wheel.

We train our legs.

We train our minds

We train our core.

We train our upper body.

We learn basic maintenance.

We study the greats.

We ride with faster and slower riders.

We practice handling skills.

We dial in nutrition on and off the bike.

We master rest and sleep.

Strong wheels roll over all obstacles... and so we attack the race with vigor and confidence that we are prepared...

... and that same preparation rolls into everything we do.

The wide road, the rockless trail... we learn nothing there. 

We seek the fast turn, shoulder to shoulder... the steep, cliffside trail.

Mens sana in corpore sano - sound mind in strong body.

And we know it'd be a shame to not keep that mind protected and that body stylish so we don excellence atop it all.


The first time, the very first time I placed the Protone - the blue one - atop my head I knew it was a winner.   Perfect fit.  Great airflow.

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Production is back up and running, most custom orders placed prior to 4/1 will ship week of 5/18, custom orders placed in April will ship towards the end of the month, custom orders placed now will ship in approximately 4 weeks from art approval.


166 lbs
Office move
7.25 hours sleep