PART OF THE SECRET SAUCE OF A STANDING GROUP RIDE is always riding the same course.  We never detour, never wait and always start on time.

But, not today.

Our detour wasn't to escape the wind, we'd have slept in if we wanted to escape it... and let the record show, a wholelotta the gang slept in... those that were up for the challenge know that sometimes it's hellawindy in a race and a good thing to practice...

... and the rest of us, me especially, were there to say farewell to one of our ride's OGs, Backpack Kevin.

Most of the current generation don't even know him. 
Don't know he was one of the truly elite local MTB racers in the 90's. 
Don't know he used to join us on his work commute, with a loaded back pack and ride us off his wheel. 
Don't know his kindness and always happy outlook.

Jim brought a cake, I brought a TMWC tshirt, the rest of the guys brought their love...

... and that's what I cherish about this little social ride, the love.

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