'ROUND THESE PARTS, IF SOMEONE SAYS IT'S JUST A SOCIAL RIDE most of the time it really means you're about to get slaughtered... have limbs slowly yanked off one at a time.  This slow dismemberment starts out nice enough, and terminates apologetically enough that we keep coming back for more.

But, a funny thing happens over time.

We get to know each other... not just our weaknesses and strengths on the bike, but in life as well.  We learn to recognize more than slobbering suffering, but internal suffering.  

We become friends.

For life.

And we celebrate our victories and our birthdays.

Shout out to Johnny B for the party hats for Ursula's bday.

And, another to Chris Hill who picked me up some sardines in Barcelona.

Yeah... we know each other, and we know you wanna be part of this... whether in person or in spirit.  If you don't have a local social ride, build it... your peeps are counting on you.

(Chris knows I love sardines and black beans before every big endurance event.)

? lbs forgot to bring my scale
0 pull ups (gotta find a park with a bar)/30 push ups
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