SAN DIEGO COUNTY MIGHT JUST BE THE BEST COUNTY ON THE PLANET for getting after it on road bikes.  A stunning coast line, a rich field of challenging talent, bike lanes...

... and the best weather on earth.

It's where I received the sage wisdom from a crusty wrench in a small, passionate shop on PCH...

... It takes 3 years to know what you're good at racing bikes.

At the time, I was living in a small studio in Pacific Beach.  A hotbed for jazz, kids and fooling around...

... fancying myself a stage racer


The beach town knew I was odd, with my shocking blue Gios and Campy Record.

Didn't care a bit.

Rode at dawn, worked my first job hard, and lived for the SDBC Saturday ride.

Typical younggun, all spice no calories.  

I'd spurt ahead, get laughed at.
Spurt ahead, get dropped.
Chase, survive.
Loving it.

Learned I wasn't a stage racer at all, it was crits and circuits for me.  Still is on the road.

So, I was thrilled today to see some new designs come through for the famed squad that taught me so much back then.


This is the second time we've updated their designs on our gear.

Y'all all know it's my long standing dream to see an entire team in their changing ponchos, post race, yacking it up, dropping their bibs.

It's a great time of year for the changing poncho...

... who wants to wiggle around in their car when you could stand loud, proud, and modest?

If you fancy ponchos for your team, let me know.

If you want a stock design, go here: https://pedalindustries.com/collections/changing-ponchos

Use promo code: PONCHO by friday.

Yes, the code works on stock designs or your team's custom design.


8.5 hrs
0 Pull Ups + 30 PushUps +15 Heavy Squats 
30 minutes recovery
45 minutes reading + Journaling