I GOT A LATE START YESTERDAY.  I chose to get some pressing work done.... and, I chose to postpone the ride from morning till evening which always leaves an opening for things to go sideways.

The sun quickly set.  I chose to ride on.

I raced half up Harding at 9 tenths.  I chose to shut 'er down and take it easy after that.

The moon rose.  I chose to stop on the deserted fire road and snap a pic.

60 minutes in, I chose to stop and admire the view of my city.

It dawned on me, as the temperature quickly dropped, that being 6 miles up a rugged fire road with one light and no jacket was not my best choice.  I chose to head down.

But that feeling of being all alone, in the wild.. that sound, of nothing but a distant hum... that sight of my fellow citizens far away... me, choosing to live like this... nothing like it.

Who else made a choice to be risky today
to do what their heart called them to do,
to venture out and bet on themselves?
... it's just a choice,
make it...


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