THERE’S NOBODY LIKE YOU GUYS.  I hear that a lot.  It’s not a huge mystery, it has a lot to do with our history.

We make stuff, and we’ve been doing it for a long time.

It’s the focus of the last 5 years on cycling that has us where we are today.  It’s saying no to the projects that take us off mission… this is much, much harder to do than it looks because those off-mission projects can be sooo profitable.  It’s staying true to cycling.  It’s creating what we want to use ourselves and not trying to compete.  It’s caring more about you and how we can best serve you.

But, that’s also the best way to bring out your ultimate cycling self.

You do it for a long time.  It takes 3 years to find out what kind of rider you are.

You focus.  You say no to activities and food that take you off mission… this aint easy, heck I’ve put on 3 lbs this month by letting my guard down.  It’s staying true to cycling.  It’s creating your vision of how you want to ride.  It’s caring more about you, not to the detriment of all other relationships and pursuits but to enhance your entire life by being the ultimate physical specimen you can be.

Without our health we are nothing.
With our health we can do anything,
If we care more.


Our new website is so close I can’t even sleep any more… just days away from fully operational, I just had to post a screen shot.

Here’s the link for Tomorrow’s Ride

I’d love your thoughts on this video… y’all are awesome!