I'M NOT SURE WHAT THE REST OF COUNTRY IS DOING, for that matter I'm not even sure what most of my friends are doing.  But, I do know this... I have popped into the local group ride that is resurfacing and holyguacamole! some of these cats are in serious fighting shape.

I was quite shocked last week.

And stunned this week.

Serious speed from the getgo, and like an old diesel I've been, shallwesay, a touch slow in ramping it up.

I checked the soontobeexpensive Starva and according the Fitness/Freshness report my fitness is good and my form is bad.

This is the result of riding like Goldilocks - neither too easy nor too hard - just riding tempo all the time.

Not riding hard enough to need an easy spin, not spinning easy enough to pound a hard ride.

After being smacked by the Bigbadwolf a few times... I'm ready to search out some speed.

To inspire myself I printed up a new green - for sprint speed - tshirt.


It comes in a lot of colors... the imprint is our Stamp logo.
We use very special inks, and once you wash this shirt you'll never feel the ink.

If you use promo code WATTSUP at check you'll get this T deliverd for under $18... or under $15 if you're part of the PEDALposse.



164.2 lbs 
Pullups, Pushups, Yoga
8 hours sleep

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