IT'S ALMOST TOUR TIME AND I'VE MANAGED NOT TO WATCH ANY CYCLING ON TV THIS YEAR.  That will end. It has ended.  NBCSports gold found me, reminded me I'd paid for a year and sent me a link to the Criterium Du Dauphine.
AI is real.
Is that even AI?

I love watching the last 30-60 minutes of each stage of the race while I'm stretching after a ride and/or eating breakfast.  Me, Phil, Paul and Bob together.  Watching those youngsters - all skin, muscles, and bones - fly on their bikes motivates me to eat a little better, sleep a little more and to take advantage of the long summer evenings.

If haven't had enough, those 3 talking heads are great at night too... kinda like a bed time story, and I'm out in no time dreaming of riding and racing and dreaming.

Wake up, and the cycle repeats.

This cycle is what makes the group rides so fun this time of year.  Everybody is geeked up from watching and dreaming and watching.  Consequently, the rides are bigger than ever, more animated than ever, more fun than ever.

June is fun.
July is better.

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