SURE, IT'S A HECKUVALOT EASIER 30, 40, 50 RIDERS BACK.  It's 30% easier!  And that's the problem in a lot of cases.

Wanna get "lucky"?...
... get your buns up front.

Don't come whining to me with silliness like...

... you were lucky to make the break
... you were lucky you missed the pile up
... you were lucky in that sprint

Sheesh... I remember the one and only time I did Tour de Tucson.  There were about 7000 people lined up.  

Gun goes off.

I'm redlined instantly.

We are flying through town.

All kinda chaos.

But, I'm upfront and I can see.  And I'm safe.

Unfortunately, when things settled down a bit I drifted back and a break of 20 went away.  Full gas.  I'm thinking, not a big deal.  90 miles to go.  Then, I see the longest train I've ever seen in my life chugging along...

... and those guys are all in, ALL IN!

Like a scripted scene from a Bond movie they squeeze across the tracks, the gates come down, we screech to a halt.

They were never to be seen again.

If you need more luck in your life ya really oughta check this out...


... but don't you dare click on that link if ain't in need.


165.4 lbs 
7.2 hours sleep

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