I CHANGED MY WALLPAPER YESTERDAY.  Not in the house, on the phone.  Scrolling through the many options, I chose two recent pics... my wallpaper gives me away.

No family shots.

Or goals for the year.

Just images I dig.

The home screen (above) uses a background from a recent betweenthestorms quickie, where I found a new "Closed To Public Access" road that gave me great access through town. I chose it because it reminds me to be aggressively adventurous, it has a lot of black and the app icons are easy to read.

The lock screen is from a recent day on the local single track.  I edited the crud out of it on my phone, and though I have no skills or training I like the way it turned out.  It makes me smile.

Taking pics has been a pleasant addition to my riding and writing as I think they help tell the story of this crazy sport we all love... many of the people I follow take really cool pics as well and inspire the heck out of me to ride new places.


One of the things you want to have when traveling to a ride is our changing poncho... makes it easy to change any where, and makes for a nice way to wipe the mud off bike and bod.




I have this fantasy of pulling up to a race and seeing an entire team changing into their kits while wearing matching changing ponchos.

Send us your art and we'll mock your team changing poncho.


167.2 (high of the year - not good)
0/0 (lazy)
8 hrs sleep

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