I FELL OVER HALFWAY THROUGH MY FIRST VISION QUEST.  Landed on my side.  Unable to move.  I wasn't hurt, but I was being crushed by extreme heat and an ungodly amount of climbing.  Falling over when I stood on the pedals because my legs cramped simultaneously wasn't part of the plan.

I lay there shocked, such was the speed by which I'd been cut down.

Just hours earlier I'd been full of confidence... thinking all was well, what could possibly derail a great day racing in the mountains with my pals?

It wouldn't be my only disastrous day on a bike.

But, it would define my response.

I would summon the will to finish...

... long after the winners and quitters had gone home...

... a victory of my own.


Shiz gonna hit our spokes for sure... and will continue to do so... and so we plan for that...

prepping better
adjusting expectations
loving what the trails and roads throw at us
turning inward for strength
accepting the shiz
and pedaling on


Speaking of pedaling on...  if you're heading out for a big adventure be sure and lube up your body too

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166.6 lbs
Coach Live - ouch! 
6 hours sleep