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unOFFICIALLY, WE MIGHT BE ONTO SOMETHING.  When 20 somethings text each other, Hey, my favorite skate company Welcome just posted this picture... Isn't that your dad's event?  And when kids as cool as these two cats ride with us each week I gotta think...

maybe we are...
nah, we totally are.

Getting together each Tuesday for our little social ride keeps most of us mostly sane and mostly fit year round.  We depend on each other to be there, and we are.

But, making it special once a year with an unOFFICIAL timed ride and unOFFICIAL prizes and unOFFICIAL raffle and unOFFICIAL gear gives a lot riders who otherwise don't officially race a goal for the summer.  

 And that's really what it's all about... giving ourselves permission to have some fun and celebrate each other's talents and friendship.

This year was the first time a true "regular" has won the unOFFICIAL.  We've had pros drop in and win and we've had up and coming high schoolers join us off and on and win the day.  But, today Cheyne, with some help from his good friend Kevin in the finishing straight, got the win like he does most weeks.

It's been fun for me to see these two growing up, getting their careers going, buying houses... being men... and being very humble about their talents.

Yeah, we're onto something...
I don't know what it is,
but it is,
and I dig that.

Results for today:

Special shout out to Kevin Wayt for getting up early and handling the timing chips, and for Steven and Shelby for handing the swag. Bowl of Heaven was super tasty, Replay Timing got the results up in real time... and we had some great gifts from Monster Energy, a local sunglasses company, Rock N Road, Two Hubs, G2... and cash for the top ladies from PureRide.

The final mile is awesome, can't way to see Jim's entire video.

Pete's Video


Big Mike's Video


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