FRIENDS... tomorrow is the annual unOFFICIAL Tuesday Morning World Championships.

3 things you need to know for tomorrow:

1.  You need a timing chip, so get to the start early.  We'll be ready for you by 6:10am.  We start at the park off of Antonio and Oaktree.  Parking is limited.  If you're driving, there's plenty of parking at the church on Oso and Antonio.

2.  We have a KOM from the start of El Toro Bike Trail to the top of Live Oak.  This will be chip timed, which means the fastest person on that segment wins - not necessarily the first person over the top... why?, because we want to keep things together as much as possible until we hit the bike trail.  There's $50 to the top male and female riders sponsored by our friends at Sariol Legal.

3.  We have a code, and EVERYBODY is expected to abide by it:

Have fun.
Obey the law.
Make new friends.

A few things you'll want to remember:
1.  We always start on time!
2.  After you cross the line, quickly and safely get to the other side of the road so traffic can get through.
3.  Awards will be back at the park. (gifts from 2Hubs, Monster Energy and Sejuiced)... you must be present to win the cash for the lottery.
Still reading?  I'm impressed... I'm truly impressed by you.  You make a difference in my life, and in the lives of the rest of the crew.  Without you our lives wouldn't be the same.  I'm looking forward to seeing y'all tomorrow.
PS  yes, you can still sign up: