IT WAS ONLY AFTER TWO MILES OF HIKING WITH LOCKED UP/CRAMPING LEGS THAT I LEARNED HOW TO RIDE VISIONQUEST.  At the time, I was well beyond miserable.  The 90 degree heat, swarming horseflies and circling vultures were overwhelming...

... I just wanted it to end.

Weeks passed out at the giant parking lot where we did crit races until I finally learned how corner and carry my speed vs sprinting out of the corners to catch back up to the group.  The humiliating final sprint resulted in elation for some and a sagging head as I crossed the line last again.

 ... I just wanted to be in the hunt.

I reckon y'all have stories like that yerselves...

... and ain't it a curious thing how unimaginable results can come out of trying experiences.

Why just the other day I was thinking about the time I lost my ID on a bike ride, which lead to the dandiest wallet ever.


What is so awesome about this wallet is how in keeps everything tight... and keeps me from carrying a million cards and such... PLUS!, it will not ever in a million years fall out of your jersey pocket.

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PullUps and PushUps
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