THIS TIME OF YEAR, IN THESE PARTS, TUESDAYS CAN KILL YOU.  There are a variety of group rides every morning and evening.  The quality of the morning rides can be every bit as good as a top race.  Which means we're fit year round.  When the time changes a few more rides come online plus two race series:  OverTheHump and Eldo (the Eldorado Park Crit series).

How does it kill you?  By tempting you into thinking you can do it all.  Like it did me today.

At 4:50AM the Cabazon earthquake shook me outta my slumber ten minutes earlier than I'd like.

The plan was to drive to Bob Frosty's to get my canopy then do TMWC easy.  Which worked, except for the easy part... I couldn't resist and hit the A loop hard.  Then my cleat broke on the way to Live Oak allowing me to get a good 1.5 leg workout in.

Which left me thinking I might as well grab my MTB just in case I decided to do 1 lap of OverTheHump tonight. 

Of course, I missed the last minute route edit from 3 laps to 2.  This shouldn't have mattered as my intention was to do just 1 lap... but, well, there I was huffinandpuffin with my buddies in the top 5... so, of course I did the second lap.  On the way up the big hill I decided to let them go so I could save some for the 3rd lap... the 3rd lap no one else in my category was doing.

And that's how you get killed.
You dig so far into your reserves you're not thinking clear,
not riding fast,
you're just out there pedaling.
And I was...
I rode that last lap by myself,
Enjoying the cool evening air and setting sun,
Not caring nobody else was out on the course.
We all had a good laugh when I finally rolled in,
But, the jokes on them...
I'll be back.
There's no way I'll be foolish enough
to be seduced by another beautiful Tuesday morning
... is there?

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