OF ALL THE LIES WE TELL OURSELVES THIS TIME OF YEAR, none is bigger than I'll be back before dark.

It's not impossible to be back in time, just improbable.

It's not our fault either, it's just too darn good. 

The air is still warm, but there's a hint of chill that makes us want to charge on.  Plus we've been enjoying the long summer nights for months.

We're in a groove.

What's a rider to do?

I dunno.

Really, I don't.

I mean I do, but... I guess I'm just in denial.

One thing I really like about the long days is wrapping up solid day of work with an equally solid ride.  It's part reward and part mental bath.

I'm gonna fight it longer this year... gonna get an earlier start on the work day.  Then, I'll bust out the lights to extend my twilight.  

But, when the time changes I'll probably give up.  Go back to sunrise rides.  I like those too.

Ya know... I see a lotta a sunrises and sunsets.  Probably more than any of my neighbors or friends... no lie.


7.5 hrs 
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