TODD BROWN racerness

PVIDDY AND I REPEATED THIS TO OURSELVES CONSTANTLY.  Any time we had self-doubt in the final week of prep, this is what we said...


He's a gold medal-winning Olympian, I'm merely a cycling national champ.

I'm not sure which of us came up with it, or if it's even unique to us.  But, it is real.

First, there is nothing you can do to improve your fitness a week before a big race.  NOTHING.  There's a ton you can do to screw it up, A TON.  Chiefly, riding too hard.

Second, the point of the training is to figure things out.  What is...
a good pre-race week?
food to eat the day before?
on the bike nutrition that works for you?
the proper tires and pressure?
how far can you sprint, can you sprint at all?
it's along list.

Figure it out.

Don't be that rider who has a million excuses of what went wrong with your race.  It's embarrassing and is an indicator weakness.

Be the rider who is prepared and confident and ready.

Trust your training...

The week of,
The night before,
In the heat of the moment.

Relax, you're ready... now go slay it!


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