STRAIGHT AND NARROW IS THE WAY which leads to life.  That line is preceded by Wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leads to destruction.  And is followed by...

... few there be that find it.

What does that have to do with racing, Diesel?

What doesn't have to do with racing?

I ain't here to be preached at.

I ain't here to preach.

Why the scripture, then?

Racing isn't the end, it's part of being a well-rounded superstar.

The race is to be a well-rounded.  social, mental, physical, and spiritual.  Physical is just one thing we are after.  By focusing equally on all four of these components... 

... we will be true.

True wheels are faster, stronger, essential to ripping.

Be a ripper.

Be true.


Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by the goodness in our community.  Those of you who take time to say hi and give an encouraging word to me and to the rest of us really do make a difference...

... that's the social side of well-rounded.

Here's some more goodness from friend Amber, Olympian and 2X World Champion...

I just finished it, and gotta say I gotta little tearyeyed when it was over.  We are all facing hidden battles all the time, this is a story of perseverance and patience.  Truly inspiring.

Get the book here:

She'll wearing our superlight race gloves and socks at Unbound next weekend... along with a gorgeous kit we made for her.

They come in a rainbow of colors...

... nothing better than matching gloves and socks.

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7 hrs - 78%
Body Water 59.9%
0 Pull Ups +10 Power PushUps + 10 Heavy Squats 
30 minutes recovery
70 minutes reading + Journaling