SATURDAY WAS THE LAST BIG RIDE, and it was way bigger than I'd planned.  That's the problem with an epic event that requires travel.  On the way, I always manage to wind up on an amazing trail or road and just can't resist going longer than planned...

... and I'd say returning 4 hours after I'd planned to return shows an incredible lack of self-restraint.

But, who cares?

When the posse is solid, the temperatures pleasant, and the dirt loamy, I'm gonna ride.

Bryson put this together, and Jeff and I joined.  20 of us rolled up and away from PCMR (Park City Mountain Resort).  Normally, this would be a terrible decision.  But, this wasn't your average group.  These were all riders who'd planned and qualified for Leadville.  Utahns, used to altitude.  Committed MTBr's with the skills to carve any trail.

The only person they had to wait for was The Old Diesel.  

By the end of the day, my 4 hour ride had expanded to 8 hours (6 riding).  .  50 miles, 5000' of vert.  All of it sweet, sweet single track.  The group dwindled to 3 of us.

Then it was me.

At The Canyons.

Double patty cheeseburger did nothing to curb my hunger.

It was a big day, possibly too big.  But, I didn't care.  The trails, the air, the beauty, the friends.  Worth it.

Takeaways... my chain fell off and wedged impossibly hard into my frame.  Shouldn't have taken my chain catcher off months ago... now I have to hope my daughter can find it and overnight it to me - plus get a new chain and cassette.  My lube didn't not make it through the day - not sure what to do on that front for PbVille.  Everything else, perfect!


Gettin' ready

And we're off


Best burger ever?

Post-burger, this did the trick

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