IT'S NOT FOR EVERYBODY, but it might be for you.  I came across this concept a bunch of times over the years.  It never really sunk in until I heard it stated like this...

... I increased my volume a lot.

Yeah, we've all heard that.  However, what followed hit deeply into my thought process and ultimately my training...

... It has been transformational.

Who doesn't want to transform their training?

Let me pause right here.

It might not work for you.  The main reason is the timing of life just isn't right.  For me, it's working...

... because I now have the time.

When I had less time, and less focus, a big week for me was about 12 hours...

... an average week, about 8.

These days, in fact this year, my biggest week ever has been 20 hours...

... the last four build weeks have averaged nearly 15, and 12 the rest of the year.

That's nowhere the 20-30 hours most pros put in.  In fact, it's a challenge during this build session before Leadville.  Frankly, I'm happy in the 12 range.  Plenty fit...

... by making my average week equal my formally biggest week.

In the end, it's about doing all you can do...

... a topic I cover in the 2nd chapter of my book.

Which is free, just cover the shipping and handling.


6 hrs + 1.5 hr nap (embarrassing, I know)
Body Water 61.9%
2 strength work
30 minutes recovery
30 minutes reading + Journaling