I TOOK MY BIKE WIDOW, aka Surfergirl, vanping up the coast.  Some of us, me, Have a tough time riding with our betters.  But, this was a hit...

... camping at Emma Wood's State Beach.

We rolled out for a lovely morning pedal north along the water's edge.  A stunning winter's day.  Pancake flat.  Eversoslight headwind.

Pardon the hashtag, but... #browniepoints.

An hourish in, and we were set to turn back.  It was at the bottom of a famous climb.  She caught me looking forlornly as my people, chiseled and svelte, were heading up.

Where does that go?

Oh, I think (I knew dernwell) it might go inland and circle back to where we started.

You should go that way?

Up there?

Yeah, I'll be fine.

Magic words.

Going up was wonderful.  It's a great climb, on a typical CA country road.  No options to turn for miles.  Just go up, and down, and twist around.

But, here's the thing.  I wasn't 100% sure which way to go after an hour of bliss, and TBH... me hates stopping and looking at giggle maps.

Instead, I did something truly radical...

... I stopped a couple of times and talked to humans. 

I said things like Good morning, do you know if this goes...

... and they responded with, Hi there... yes it does just go...

Bold, I know... as the great Nacho Libre says, Sometimes when you are a man you wear stretchy pants and ask for help.

You also wear stretchy socks, made in these United States of ours with FastMax Compression Technology and EZ Breathe yars.

I know I said this was ending on 10/31, but my bike widow is begging to go window shopping on State Street in Santa Barbara... and, well, I got a lot more good deeds to do before next race season.

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? lbs
Stretch n Roll
7.8 hrs


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