TODD BROWN racerness

YES, TWO EVENTS IN ONE.  This year's Tour de Donut will be a HUNKR.  

10/12/19 - 615am

100k. route link

10 donut shops

1 ferry crossing.

No timing chips.

All fun n sugar.

We're rolling early because we don't want to get aced out of the good donuts.

615 Start at Kelly's Donuts in San Clemente... get there early, we're leaving there at 622.

With a finish 4-7 hours later at Rose Donuts & Cafe (they have "real food" too, which we might need... or not)

Only I can really guarantee is a nice pace, some good chats, and so many donuts you'll be sugar-proof for the upcoming holiday season.

Can't make the whole thing?  We'll try and post our check-ins on FB and Strava as we go.

Offiicial Gear


164.6 lbs
10 hrs

Ride with us: click for info. 

Our latest vid.





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