MIGHTA OVER DONE IT... my fruit-till-noon body hack might be too successful.  I've dropped about 13 pounds since August.  Just eating fruit till Noon.

Too much.  Too fast?

I dunno.

I do know that I don't feel awesome and powerful.

There was a cross over about a month ago where I PR'd The Wall - local 4-5 minute power climb.  It's been down scale and down hill since.

Could also be I'm just burned after a month of heavy weekend races.

Time to bring it back up to the original goal of 160-162.  Still 10 lbs. lighter.

Why does the fruit-till-noon work?  Well, I'm not scientist but I can tell you this.  If you start off your day eating pure, good food that's all you want to eat the rest of the day.  The cravings for crap disappear.  Then, all of the sudden you're just eating good stuff and poof you drop 13lbs.

8/33 (pull ups/push ups to failure before I jump in shower)
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