TODD BROWN racerness

THERE'S A FAIRLY FAST SECTION OF TOMORROW'S RACE COURSE THAT TRANSFERS FROM DIRT TO OLD PAVEMENT with about a 5"stub.  If you take it fast and on an angle it's not a big deal.

Tomorrow, I'll bet my donut money, folks who've never seen it are going to have a big butt pucker moment.  Lock 'em up.  Skid.  And most likely yell a Holy Hell!

Not me.  

I ride that section weekly, it's my home terrain.

But, that's the big advantage of pre-riding any race course.  

When I was racing Super-D, the precursor to Enduro, I would ride the course many times.  Forwards and backwards.  

When I race a crit, I take all the turns at various approaches to figure what works best.

The point is, if I'm there to do my best... which isn't always the case... I'm going to get as much course knowledge is as possible.  It makes a difference.  

The difference in speed can be immense, but often it's just safety and a more relaxed ride I'm after.

Do you have to pre-ride to have a good day?  Not even.  You can still have a good day.  But, it's nearly a lock you'll have a much better day with pre-riding.

And the PEDAL Posse agrees... how 'bout you?


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