A LOT GOES INTO AN EPIC EVENT.  The training, the travel, the bike, the rest of the gear, it is all important.  Nothing is left to chance, which is why when you come upon another cat doing the race...

... there's an instant bond.

Whether it's a chance meeting en route or rubbing shoulders on the start line there's a deep appreciation for what it takes to be there at that moment...

... because it's stressful.

Whatever our aspirations, we want all to go well for ourselves and everybody else.  In fact, we usually end up helping a fair amount of people along the way.  Could be just sharing the load against the wind or sharing salt tabs or a tube.

When it's over, regardless of the outcomes it's time to decompress.

Give the bike a day off, or more.

Ride with no intent, or not at all.

Eat less monk-like.

Sleep.  In.


It's also time reflect.

What would I do different?

What went right?


Answering these questions now, while the memories are fresh, is not only helpful for the next event...

... it's the only way to truly decompress.

At least for me, I'm much more likely to relax and reset knowing the insights and knowledge have been stored and cataloged for future use.

Then again, looking at these pics, maybe it wasn't that stressful?

Finally got the small town, greasy spoon breakfast I was craving all trip.

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