MY BUDDY HAS BEEN BANGED UP ALL SEASON.  When he texted last night to ride... I thought, Heck yeah!

We met at 7am.

So good to see him on a bike after 8 months... after all, he was my No. 1 Stravamate last year.

The downside of his back injury is he's got a long road to get back to destroyerstrength.  The upside is he's decoupled from the pressure to be in tiptopshape and finding a lot more time to spend with his young kids.

The physical therapy is helping... might need surgery.

Bro, this a blessing.  You're at the time of life to lock in on your kids.  That's what I did at your age.... I still rode, just not as much.  Enough to stay in shape, and race once a year.

I'm not sure he believed me... the blessing part nor the I dialed it down part.  But, I did it... and though I know he's super discouraged, I'm sure this is all for the best.

Never quit riding... the health benefits are monumental - physical, mental and social - and we need to maintain them order to best serve those we love.

Facebook shows me this picture every year about this time... it's a nice reminder of all the winter weekends we spent in the desert. 

Now, the childrens are well into their careers... and I have time to ride as much as I like.

One thing is for sure, my bangeduponthemend pal sure could have used some PR Lotion this morning...


... he was suffering... huffinandpuffin like no other... and I loved it! 'cause he was crushing me last year and he'll be crushing me again soon enough


... come to think of it, he's the one that introduced me to this miracle product.  I distinctly remember the hot summer night in '18, out at OverTheHump, and he was lathering up praising it's magicness...

... ahhh, he'll be back before he knows it.

Did I mention we stock and ship this product for free?  


Ride your bike!, tb


20 pull ups/60 push ups
7.5 hours sleep

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