IN THE BEGINNING WAS DISTANCE, AND THE DISTANCE WAS GOOD.  All that mattered was distance, and distance was all that mattered.  We’d ride far, so it seemed, just to ride far.

Let there be time, and the time was good.  Time gave meaning to distance, and distance gave meaning to time.  We’d ride far, it seemed, just to see how fast we could do it.

Let there be mountains, and the mountains were good.  Mountains divided the flat land, and flat land separated the mountains.  We’d ride high, it seemed, just to see how high we could ride.

Let there be aluminum, and the aluminum was good.  Aluminum begat Titanium and Titanium begat Carbon.  We rode them all, it seemed, just to show them off.

Let there be aero, and the aero was good.  Aero was faster, and faster was aero.  We’d ride aero, it seemed, just to feel aero.

In the end, there was only time,

time it seemed,

for friends.