I'M PROBABLY MANGLING THIS QUOTE, but I like the idea enough that I just gotta share it.  And it starts with shares.  Specifically, Warren Buffet's advice against thumb-sucking when it comes to buying shares.  It goes like this...

If you are fully capable of doing X, do it... don't be a thumb-sucker!

Which I take to mean... if I've got good health, and I don't maximize it in this incredible moment in human history, in this free country... well, I'd be a thumb-sucker.

I reckon that's why I like to have at least one A race a year.  Something to really focus on for 6-8 weeks prior, and also keep me motivated to have great overall health the balance of the year.

... as time flies by, I want to fly with it - fast as I can,
so I rise with the sun,
every day,
and say,
Let's go.

Sometimes that means driving to a beautiful climb, and when I do that I bust out the world famous changing poncho

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38 pull ups
8 hrs sleep

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