MY KNEE HAS BEEN BUGGING ME.  Coach looks at me and my feet and says Todd I've been telling you for years to get orthotics.  What are you waiting for?...

Heck if I know... to be crippled?  So dumb.

Who should I see?

Dr Chin, in Irvine.

Skipping past the issue of seeing a "Dr Chin" for my foot I hop on over to see him.  

Instantly, I get why she recommends him.  His demeanor, intellect and experience are what we all hope for any time we need medical attention.  Even better, HE'S A BIKE RIDER TOO! 

He gets me, totally.

We talk about how feet work, the intelligent design of the human body.  It's no accident Todd. 

I ask how he got into the foot business and he tells me he started out as an engineer for a defense contractor... got involved in a side hustle helping deaf kids hear... realized he'd be happier healing people than killing them.

All the while he makes casts of my feet from plaster.  He explains why plaster is so much better than standing on pressure points or laser scanning for the impressions.  He shows me what the finished product will look like in 10 days.

There's a story of man who became a World Champion simply by taking care of any injury right away.
Over time, his competitors all trained themselves through pain and out of the sport.
Eventually his long-term plan paid off.
I hope I'm not too late...
to ride in his shoes.



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