ROCKY (OUR HEAD OF DESIGN) ASKED What's our mission statment?. I must have had a blank look because he followed it up with... Some blog post somewhere?

I didn't hesitate...

... which is odd, because I've never written it out...

Our mission is simple:  help you have the best RaceDay ever.

That's it.

If we're making it, it's because it makes RaceDay better.
If we're selling it, same.
If we're doing it...

That's the mission we've chosen to accept, make RaceDay better...

... maybe that's what inspired me over the weekend to design this hat?

I really do believe that.

Every day is RaceDay.  

What I did yesterday - rest and relax with family. 
What I did today - early spin, put food on table, Coach Loran workout
What I'm doing tomorrow - pushups/pullups, hustling at work, and a frisky 50 miles
What I'm doing the day after...

... you get the idea, it all matters and builds on itself - the training, resting, working, dressing, lubing, wrenching, socializing, etc...

... to make the actual RaceDay great - there's no point to it if the family ain't into it, the table's bare, the body weak, etc.

I like reminders like this in the form of a hat.  For less than 20 bones you can have one, too... just remember, not shipping for a few weeks - gotta get 'em made.


163.8 lbs 
Coach Loran 43 + pull-ups
7.5 hours sleep

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