I HATE TO ADMIT THIS, but it's true.  There are some people when I see their names on the start list I automatically think I got no chance.  This morning...

... I had that feeling.

There, on the start list for an upcoming race was the name of a friend who beats me like a drum.

It's bad.

He just waits for the final climb and rides away.

I'm not alone.

Sometimes, on reallyreally long races like Crusher In The Tushar I can get him.  
It's rare, bloody quivering rare.

Being that I've oversubscribed to too many races in the next 6 weeks I instantly thought...

... Let's focus on something else.

I could hear Fat Bastard...

... He kinda looks like a baby!


Then, I started thinking about it.  A lot.  So much so that I had to hop to the porcelain throne and unload my worries.

Where they worries?


I thought about it some more...

... it's been raining nobody likes training in the rain but I've been in the desert racing and got a big fitness bump and I'm feeling pretty good and maybe just maybe I can take this fitness and massage the coming weeks to take it a bit higher via the races between now and then which aren't road races but MTB and will definitely be filled with threshold efforts and in between the racing in can do some punchy group rides and my weight is back near fighting shape and when I'm as light as I was last summer I can climb a lot better and maybe I'll have some luck since nobody really knows me these days on the road because I race road so infrequently and perhaps I'll sneak away and as the great Lloyd Christmas said...

... So you're telling me there's a chance.  YEAH!

There's always a chance.  

Life gets in the way,
plans change,
tires flat.

The most exciting thing about this race...

... there's 5-10 other frenemies gonna show up.

And that, my fine lycracovered friend, is my plan too.

There's a chance I overdid it a bit today - check that photo at the top.  I was just so excited after my pep talk to myself I couldn't resist.

Time to put the feet up and recover.

Because I'm gonna need to do some serious 2-5 minute efforts next week, you know I'll be applying the PR Lotion.

Just fer fun... there's a promo code down there + FREE shipping.

Use code: DONTbeAbaby

And save 25%... code will expire after 10 uses or 3/28, whichever comes first.


7.5ish hrs Sleep
1 RaceDay Ready Strength Circuit
20 minutes recovery 
90 minutes reading + Journaling