THERE'S A STORY BEHIND EVERY RACER.  Probably a hundred stories.  Stories of triumph and failure, training hard and winging it, riding together and going it alone.  Those are the ones we live to tell.

There are others that often go untold and unnoticed...

... and they make all the difference.

Right before I hit the hay last night, my good friend Emetski shot me a picture of his son's 2 RaceDay Bags™.

Apparently one race day bag isn’t enough for Lotoja. John requires two. I’m driving support for him tomorrow.

I wish I had something pithy to add, or some sappy remark... I got nothing.  Because I'm driving support for him tomorrow says it all.

Then I woke up to a message from my nephew, with a pic of his son's bike ready to race NICA.

Race day bag all ready to go for Goose!

The parents, spouses, siblings, children, friends... that giant network of love that supports us, that we support... they are the very best part any race, without them there is no story.

And sometimes they worry about us, and we worry about them.

Which is why I like to ride with blinkies day or night when I'm on the road... like these that flash front and sides.

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162.4 lbs
PullUps and PushUps
8 hours sleep

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