AS I RULE, I NEVER EVER "WIN" THE TUESDAY MORNING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS.  This is directly due to the fact the guys and gals are a bunch of bloodsuckinggoodfornothingscoundrels! While I am a complete gentleman.

Ergo, my "attack" today had not a snowball's chance in hell.

Except... it was freezing.


32 degrees.

You know what happens to a bunch of weatherwimpy Californians when it's cold? 

The move slow.

Then slow down.

So there we were... freezin' our hands and feet off, barely moving up the steady climb, 5 miles from the finish line.

And I'm thinking Dawgawnit if we don't pick it up we might die out here.

Off I go, knowing those bloodsuckinggoodfornothingscoundrels would soon jump across, rest on my wheel, then leave me for frozen.

But, the gap kept growing.

Soon they were outta sight.

They were either feeling sorry for me as it had been forfreakingever since I won the day or they were too cold to care or I just had game today.

No matter what, there was a simple fact:  at some point, they'd start charging.

And another simple fact:  I wasn't waiting.

Beat 'em by 38.3 seconds.

I feel so bad.

To make it up to the guys who missed out today, I'm extending for a few more days the promo code cut off to order the kit we designed for our ride.

Here's the code:  TEAMTMWCCODE

It saves you 20% and expires soon.

Oh... almost forgot one last secret to crushing their hopes this morning... my legs were lathered up in PR Lotion... so let's do this:

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7 hrs sleep

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