GOOD FORTUNE TO TRAVEL, allowed me to ride a bunch of new terrain, plus explore a new network of trails.  This week will be a good reminder...

... of why our favorite routes are so special.

Our most cherished rides are rarely the obscure, remote places.

Those places are great,
but they are missing something.

I'm already excited to do the local Tuesday Morning Wrecking Crew this week.


I've done it probably 1,000 times.

You'd think once a week for twenty years would lose its luster.

Instead, the times that we...

  • cleared the gap on a big jump
  • got caught in a snow storm
  • made the winning break
  • smashed a segment
  • made a new friend

... make all the difference.

Take yesterday's adventure.

We have a trail in St. George that Surfergirl loves: Bear Claw Poppy.  A gentle climb, and a fast and flowy return.  We ride it often when we are passing through.

After an hour with her, I met up with local friend Kevi, to ride a newly accessible canyon.

We pedaled back to his house and I noticed the right rear van tire was deflating.

A piece of metal had sliced on through.

7pm on a Saturday night is not a good time to need a flat repair.

While showering, I thought...

... We're gonna get a miracle.

At the same time, Kevi thought to call an acquaintance who had just sold a string of tire shops.

My new best friend, Jake, grabs his tools and drives 30 minutes to us and fixes the flat in a about 15 minutes.


We were able to make it home by 3:30 am, able to spend Mother's Day at home with kids.

That was a miracle.

The kind of episode we'll remember for years to come...

... every time we ride Bear Claw Poppy.

These rides and routes we know so well become our treasures because...

... that's where many of our best memories exist. 


6.5 hrs sleep
No Strength work
20 minutes recovery 
60 minutes reading + Journaling