MORNING GREETED ME WITH MUCHO WORK.  By 10am, I had gone from PJs to kit.  A few more things to do... and at 1215ish I finally got out to stretch the ol' legs... and rest the ol' noggin.

A stunning Spring day.

Everyone was out.

And I had a plan hatching... why not ride up and hit all my 5 favorite climbs in Laguna Beach?

There's the celebrated "7 Sisters".  Seven climbs from sea levelish to a thousand or so feet.  Grades of up to 25%.  But, 3 of the climbs, for me, just aren't that interesting.

So, my plan was the "5 Bros".  5 climbs, just as redonkulous, but with better views and suckyouin architecture.  For the locals:  Alta Vista, Temple Hills, Skyline to Top of the World, Summit Dr to Del Mar to Moulton Meadows Park, Sea Island to Isle Vista.

5000+ feet of climbing in perfect weather by myself.

The legs never tired.  

With no reason other than cleaning the climbs, I found a blissful rhythm.  

An easy sweat bounced off my Wahoo.

I was working, but it wasn't work.  Just joy, at the end of a challenging week.

A verse came to mind, from the Book of The Old Diesel:

In uncertain times,
There's peace in the climbs.
Maybe it's the notion of getting away accompanied with going high?  Or, the sense of control in accomplishing something few on earth can do?  Whatever it is, it's always there.  A constant I can count on.
It's fun sharing things I count on with my friends.  But, ya it tickles me like no other to get a message like this from Emil...
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If you don't trust me by now... then for heck's sake, trust Emil.  He's a cool cat.
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164.2 lbs 
8 hours sleep

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